Low Water Pressure in Fairfield, PA

Water is a precious resource and clean water is not easily available in many parts of the world. It doesn't matter where we live, however, we can all do something to use water more economically and in a way that protects the environment.

There are many simple ways of being more efficient in using water in the home that do not have to mean installing new and expensive equipment and appliances, even where a home suffers from weak water pressure.

According to statistics from the National Geographic website an average of ten gallons per day per household is lost to leaks and a simple way to become more water efficient is therefore to repair leaky taps and toilets.

There can be a number of reasons for low water pressure in Fairfield, PA into the home including its location, at the top of a hilly street, for example, the mains supply pipes into the home being not large enough and the level of overall demand in the neighbourhood, which reduces the flow available to each property.

Once in the home, the number of appliances simultaneously being used can affect the amount of water each gets and this can reduce the flow, for example to the shower causing weak water pressure in the shower when the washing machine or central heating via a combination boiler is working elsewhere in the house. Combination boilers in particular require a minimum pressure in order to fire up and this will affect the flow to other parts of the house.

Many people now know that a daily shower uses less water than filling the bath but It can be frustrating when in the shower when someone else in the house turns on a tap to do the washing up and suddenly the water flow in the bathroom reduces to a trickle.

While one solution may be to install a special power shower pumping appliance this can be expensive and there is a simpler solution, which is to fit a low flow shower head to the shower. low water pressure in Fairfield, PA. low water pressure in Fairfield, PA. These are designed to compensate for the low pressure and to do so while also using water economically. They work by using air forced into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the shower handle. When the air mixes with the water the mixture spins around at high speed causing turbulence which increases the pressure inside the shower head.

There are a number of models of showerheads available that use this air technology, which has been independently tested at a University in Liverpool, UK, and demonstrated that average water savings of 40% can be achieved compared to standard shower heads.

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